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A sweet and clean coffee with notes of nougat, toffee and roasted hazelnuts.


About the producer


Finca Limoncillo is located in Matagalpa, beautifully situated with nine waterfalls within the farm.

With 109 acres of coffee trees, Limoncillo is a relatively large farm.

The coffee is washed and sorted directly on the farm, which is common in Nicaragua, before being taken by truck to the family-owned process station. At the processing station, the coffee is washed, fermented overnight and then dried on raised beds.


The Mierisch family works extensively in Nicaragua and Honduras. They produce a lot of coffee and they do it in a very responsible way. They are i.a. very active in social projects around the farms and has a full-time kitchen staff on site to cook breakfast and lunch every day.

They have also built daycare centers and schools for the employees children, which are located on the farms. Children who help their families on the farms are common in Nicaragua, but instead they are encouraged to go to school or leave the children in kindergarten when they work. Workers are also offered help with family planning and medical advice from specialized staff.

Nicaragua - Limoncillo (Washed)

  • Light roasted coffee beans

    250 grams


    Sourced by Joanna Alm


    Origin: Finca Limoncillo, Nicaragua

    Producer: Mierisch Family

    Bean type: Caturra

    Process: Washed

    Cultivation height: 1200 meters above sea level.

    Taste profile: Nougat, toffee, roasted hazelnuts


    Brewing methods:

    Filter brew, presso, aeropress (not coffee machines)


  • - International shipping, SEK 80

    - Free shipping on orders over SEK 500

    - Collection in the roastery, SEK 0

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