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Exciting and funky natural coffee with hints of blueberries and sweet citrus.


About the producer


The majority of coffee in Ethiopia comes from cooperatives, not private farms.

Seven years ago, Isreal began clearing the wild forest to plant coffee plants, now called Ana Sora. Israel and his team began teaching local farmers how to grow coffee, so that they can broaden their farms and now an abundance of coffee is grown at this high altitude of up to 2350 meters above sea level.


Ana Sora covers about 150 hectares of coffee and is located in Yirgacheffe, in the Guji region. The farm is located high in the mountains and is difficult to reach by car. The local municipality could not finance the construction of a bridge on the way up to the farm, so Israel built a bridge and a road with an own team. That is typical for Israel, he fixes things and takes care of his staff and production.


The coffee plants are densely planted with the idea that they could protect each other from the harsh weather and survive. At 2350 meters above sea level, it is difficult to take the picked coffee to another processing station, so Israel undertook to build washing stations and drying beds, all the way up to Ana Sora.


The surroundings of Ana Sora are populated by small farmers who are of the Oromo ethnicity who speak mainly Oromo. Israel believes in helping these farmers with animal husbandry training and financial support. He believes it is the only way to produce sustainable coffee in Ethiopia. The surrounding farmers who deliver to Ana Sora are paid in cash and all payments are logged in books. To pay cash, they have a security house on the farm for all the money.

Near Ana Sora there is a school called Yerba Buleye, which collaborates with the farm to teach the children how to work with and grow coffee. Israel also supports an orphanage school in the neighboring village. All workers are registered and covered by the rainforest certification.

Ethiopia - Ana Sora

  • Light roasted coffee beans

    250 grams


    Sourced by Joanna Alm


    Origin: Ana Sora, Guji, Ethiopia

    Producer: Israel Degfa

    Bean type: Local hybrid 11/714

    Process: Natural / Berry dried

    Cultivation height: 1900-2350 meters above sea level.

    Taste profile: Funky, blueberry, sweet citrus


    Brewing methods:

    Filter brew, presso, aeropress (not coffee machines)


  • - Internatinal shipping, SEK 80

    - Free shipping on orders over SEK 500

    - Collection in the roastery, SEK 0

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